City of Franklin, Nebraska - The best of the good life!

Emergency Services:  

Franklin Rural Fire Distriction Protection Agency

Franklin Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Squad

Franklin Volunteer Fire Department

Franklin Volunteer Rescue Squad

The City of Franklin is proud of providing the utmost in modern emergency services and police protection for its citizens. The City, its police force and its emergency service personnel emphasize a continuing investment in both modern equipment and the latest in education and training. Emergency services include 911 and 24 hour protection. Being the county seat, the City maintains a very close working relationship with Franklin County and its Sheriff’s Department and Rural Fire District. Franklin’s Fire Department, Rescue Squad and EMT's have won numerous awards over the years and continue to set an example for the surrounding communities. The Rural Fire Distriction and the Franklin EMT, Volunteer Fire Department and Volunteer Rescue Squad were merged through and inclusion in 2013.

Dial 9-1-1

Non-Emergencies for the City of Franklin:               Non-Emergencies for the County of Franklin
308.425.6096                                                                 308.425.6231
619 15th Avenue                                                            P.O. Box 292
Franklin, NE 68939                                                         Franklin, Nebraska 68939

City Generator

The ice storm experienced in south central Nebraska on New Year’s Day of 2007 will long be remembered for the extensive damage and the complete loss of power that it caused in our area that in some cases lasted for weeks. Thankfully, the City of Franklin is one of the few cities in the entire country that is capable of generating 100% of its own electricity in the event of an emergency. After the ice storm, during successive days of sub-zero weather, Franklin businesses were still operating and residents were comfortable in their own homes. Everything else was shut down and people from all over were coming to the shelters set up in Franklin for a hot meal or a hot shower. Franklin is definitely the place to be when there is a real emergency.