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Welcome to our Community

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Great Plains of America’s Midwest near the Republican River, Franklin is a city surrounded by verdant farmland, native prairie, springs and creeks lined with massive walnuts, elms and cottonwoods where good old fashion home town values still exist!

At the same time, Franklin is ‘business friendly?and has the modern technology for telecommuting professionals, entrepreneurs and home-based businesses with high-speed wireless and DSL internet access, cell phone service and shipping services, all without the noise, crime, traffic jams and pollution of the big cities.

Named after Ben Franklin and settled by pioneers, this is the true home where the buffalo roam and the land of the Pawnee.  Some of the finest hunting to be found is right here, along with some of the most impressive migratory bird routes for geese, cranes and ducks which number in the tens of thousands in flocks that stretch as far as the eye can see.

So Welcome to Franklin!  Browse our website and get to know us a little better, then give us a visit and enjoy the Heartland of America.  You’ll be among friends...


This is Husker Country

The entire Franklin community and the whole State of Nebraska are filled with football fans, especially of the University of Nebraska CornhuskersGo Big Red!  You won’t find more excitement or enthusiasm for football in general and specifically for The Big 12 Conference and the competitiveness and rivalry that it brings each and every year.


A Brief Lesson in History

A brief history lesson about the Franklin Academy (1881 - 1922) will help explain one of the key factors contributing to the long term success of the City of Franklin (founded in 1870).  As important as the arrival of the railroad or being the county seat of Franklin County, the Franklin Academy helped put the City of Franklin in a position of dominance over rival towns in the south central part of the State of Nebraska.



Ingram Feed & Seed

Featuring apparel, farm and ranch, lawn & garden and pet supplies. Check out what you "Didn't know we had!"


Franklin County Memorial Hospital

Serving the area since 1952 with quality medical services and our new $4.1 Million expansion will offer even more.

800.753.2479 Toll-Free


State Farm Insurance

Kim Snavely, Agent
Providing Insurance and Financial Services
620?15th Avenue
P.O. Box 264
Franklin, NE 68939
308.425.3721 888.461.1042




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